Disney with Daddy and Daughter

Episode #99 - Ghosts at Disneyland? Our interview with Michael J. Kouri

October 26, 2018

From 'Laughing Place Studios', welcome to your all things Disney Podcast... making your Disney experience more magical. Your listening to "Disney with Daddy and Daughter!"


Have you ever thought about the possability Disneyland being haunted? Have you wondered if Walt still walks the grounds? Well today, we have a treat in store for you as we interview Psychic Medium/Parapsychological Investigator Michael J. Kouri. Michael shares stories with us about his amazing abilities and the interaction he has had with countless spirits at Disneyland.

999 haunts have nothing on Michael J. Kouri. Tune in and listen to his incredible stories all on this week's episode of Disney with Daddy and Daughter.

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